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Hayley Rose

Stella the Stinky Cat

Stella the Stinky Cat

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Kids and adults alike will love this hysterical, tongue-twisting read-aloud about a cat that toots a lot!

Join Stella as she spends the day meeting new cats, lounging in her cat tree, and celebrating Caturday with her best friend mouse.

Whether she’s chasing red lights around the room or farting in the bathtub, Stella the Stinky Catwill have you laughing out loud before you can say, “sleepy, leapy, lazy, thrifty, dirty, flirty, crazy, smarty, drinky, party, plinky, stinky cat!”

Stella the Stinky Cat helps to build language skills, and is great for early readers. As an extra bonus… can you find the little mouse on each page?

Fun cat facts included.

10x10 Jacketed Hardcover

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