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Hayley Rose

Fifo Musical Animals ABC

Fifo Musical Animals ABC

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Have you ever seen a quail play the quena? Or maybe a horse play the harp?  Fifo has, and you're invited to his magical, musical concert A-Z.

Does your child love animals or bounce to the beat of your favorite song?
Discover a fun way to learn the alphabet through this interactive guide combining the love of animals with the magic of music.

Fifo Musical Animals ABC is a colorful and entertaining way to explore the alphabet using animals and instruments.  This interactive book helps to start a conversation between you and your toddler. "Fifo plays the harp with a horse." What other words begin with H? What sound does a horse make? How would you play a harp? Do you have a favorite animal? There is no end to the possibilities which will be sure to ignite a conversation and spark the imagination of young and old alike.

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