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Hayley Rose

A Tale of the Broken Heart

A Tale of the Broken Heart

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In the land of Kairos and its many realms, clockwork beasts and automatons live amongst the common, the fantastical, and the evil. Kristane, her brother, and the other adolescents that make up a rogue of thieves have their lives turned upside down by a long-forgotten fairytale, and the hidden truth that lies within it. 

If you like the Harry Potter Series, The Chronicles of Narnia, Oliver Twist, and the Three Musketeers... You'll love A Tale of the Broken Heart!

Editorial Reviews:

“Razor-sharp writing and an unforgettable cast propel this delectable steampunk adventure.” ~ Kirkus Reviews

“Like a magical portal, A Tale of the Broken Heart sucks you into an incredible world filled with gritty, fantastical, and breath-taking detail.” ~ Sonja Blanco, author of the Witch or Ware Woods Series

“Take one part "Oliver Twist," one part Jim Butcher's "The Cinder Spires" series, and a dash of the "Chronicles of Narnia," and you have an exciting and heartfelt new YA Fantasy novel.” ~ C.K. Donnelly, author of The Kinderra Saga

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